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Gathered together at WNEW, NY, are Martin Block, Dinah Shore, unidentified woman, Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Grace Kelly, ROSS MARTIN and Paul Winchell (Circa 1951-52)

description fr back of photo

Fireside Press Release
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Zicree/Simkins Podcast, Episode 15

In-depth discussion with Ross regarding Twilight Zone episodes and acting in general.  47 minutes.  [1978] Zicree interview
transcript of above interview
Fireside Playhouse

Games  (Al Haigen)  
Description under right-hand photo above.  [circa late 1970's]
Not available
Zero Hour (Rod Serling, host)
a/k/a Hollywood Radio Theater
Chicago John & Glitter People  (Chicago John Lefkowitz)
An unlikely "rock star" hopes to make it big in Hollywood.  [1974]
Chicago John & Glitter People
The Holdout   (Mr. Donovan)
Story about the deliberations and disagreements of a jury with a man's life at stake.   [1974]
The Holdout
Smoke Screen   (Deputy Jeff Fargo)
A small town lawman has big problems when he pulls over a car and  finds the driver was fatally shot.  [1974]
Smoke Screen
Carnival of Menace   (Rusty)
The dark side beneath a small carnival's glitter is revealed.  [1974]
Carnival of Menace
A Corpse Takes the Stand  (D.A. Benedict Varna)
A corpse is found on the witness stand when court opens for the day.  [1974]
A Corpse Takes the Stand
CBS Mystery Theater  The Doll  (Jimmy Collins)
A professor obsessed with his niece uses a voodoo doll in order to win her love.  [1974]
The Doll 

The Thirty-Sixth Man  (Harry Cohen)
A storekeeper is selected to be the next "Lahmed Vovnik". This is based on mystical beliefs of Hebrew legends declaring that there must be 36 saintly people or the world will end. The devil sets out to influence this Thirty-Sixth Man.    [1974]
The Thirty-Sixth Man
Christmas Songs and Music
Narrator  [1972] Not available
An American Gallery

Porgy, Bess and George  (George Gershwin)
A dramatized biography of George Gershwin and how he came to write "Porgy and Bess."  [1969]
Porgy, Bess and George
X Minus One Shanghaied   (Captain Howell/various)
A young man finds himself a crewman on a spaceship just before his wedding.  [1955]

Man in the Moon  (Charlie - radio operator)
An S.O. S. is heard from the moon. The closing billboard and system cue have been deleted.  [1955]
Man in the Moon
Perry Mason
(continuing serial)
At the Airport  (Tex Murphy)
Gus reports to J. T. aboard his private airplane. Perry introduces Tex, a professional stunt driver, to Mrs. Barkley.  [1954]
Outside link - scroll to #42

Pat Driving  (Tex Murphy)
Tex, Perry, Della Street and Lt. Halvorson examine the site for a planned "accident." Gordy has been drinking; he gets a call from Sam and throws Toni Facina out.  [1954]
Outside link - scroll to #43
The World We Live In Oceans of the Air  [1954] Not available
Creatures of the Sea  [1954] Not available
Stroke of Fate


Marie Antoinette  (Mayor Pétion)
What might have happened if Queen Marie Antoinette had escaped the guillotine.  [1953]
Outside link: Marie Antoinette
The Search that Never Ends
(drama/documentary program)
The Story of Atomic Medicine
How the knowledge that developed the atomic bomb is helping to cure mankind's illnesses.  [1954]
Not available
The detection and cure of four types of cancer.  [1954]
Not available
Polio Vaccine
How the vaccine was developed.   [1953]
Not available
Three Women  
Breast cancer.  [1953]
Not available
The Making of a Doctor
The training of doctors-to-be from medical school through private practice.  [1953]
Not available
Diabetes in children.  [1953]
Not available
America's Schools
The sorry state of America's educational systems.   [1953]
Not available

The Nervous Wreck
The psychological causes of neuroses.   [1953]
Not available
The Falcon The Case of the Happy Hoodlum  (Tony Poletti #2)
Hired killers gun down an old friend of the Falcon's and he goes after their employer.  [1952]
Outside link - scroll to episode title
The Case of the Jack of Diamonds  (Julio DeSantis)
The Falcon is in London, where he unravels a blackmail plot which leads to murder.   [1952]
Outside link : Jack of Diamonds
The Case of the Cautious Cousin  (Brian Sherman) 
The Falcon is used as a patsy in a scheme to inherit $1,000,000 which escalates into murder.  [1951]
Outside link: Cautious Cousin
The Case of the Harried Husband  (Charles/Doc Julian)
A con artist juggling two women ends up dead and $50,000 goes missing.  [1950]
Outside link: Harried Husband
The Case of the Larcenous Lark (croupier/Harry/Rocky)
A songwriter gets swindled by his business manager and then killed.   [1950]
Outside link: Larcenous Lark

The Case of the Careless Client   (Caslo/Mack)
The Falcon gets mixed up in the murder of a man out for revenge.   [1950]
Outside link - scroll to episode title
Whispering Streets
soap opera  [1952] Not available
Best Plays

Craig's Wife  (Officer Catell)
A drama about a woman who wants her house, not really caring about the husband that comes along with it.   [1952]
Outside link - scroll to #21
Cavalcade of America Barbed Wire Christmas  (Blackie)
American prisoners in a German P.O.W. camp are determined to attend midnight mass, even though the Gestapo has forbidden it.  [1952]
Outside link - scroll to #730
Ready on the Right  (General Lafayette)
The story of Alexander Hamilton's efforts to obtain a field command and fight the British.  [1952]
Outside link - scroll to #724
One Way Out  (Major Deeman)
Korean war combat adventure based on a true incident.  [1952]
Outside link - scroll to #722
As If a Door Were Opening  (Louis D'Arcy)
The story of the Marquis de Lafayette and his first meeting with General Washington.  [1952]
Outside link - scroll to #694
Towards a New World  (Antoine Lavoisier)
The story of Dr. Joseph Priestly and his discovery of oxygen.   [1951]
Outside link - scroll to #674
Greeley of the Tribune  (rival reporter/wagon driver)
A temperance-minded aunt helps a New York news editor scoop a story about Daniel Webster and strengthen free press in America.  [1951]
Outside link - scroll to #652
Top Secret (Captain Wright/Corbett)
Story of General Mark Clark and his rendezvous with the French in North Africa...convincing them to defy the Vichy government and fight with the Allies  [1951]
Outside link: Top Secret
The Reluctant Rebel  (tavern landlord/army lieutenant)
The fall of Fort Ticonderoga is dramatized.  [1949]
Outside link - scroll to #585

Troublesome Jane  (Henry)
An abolitionist newspaper publisher in Minnesota tackles a pro-slavery boss, who owns the town.  [1949]
Outside link - scroll to #593
Stars on Parade

The Big Man   (role unknown) 
A man plans to use a hospital stay as an alibi when he plots to murder his wife.  (starring Boris Karloff)  [1951]
Not available
Mr. Moto The Smoke Screen  (Jeffrey Harrington)
The Chinese Communists smuggle opium into America in a plot to destroy our country.  [1951]
Outside link: The Smoke Screen
The Bazaloff Paper  (Loo Guiyang)
Mr. Moto heads for China to recover a secret formula that enables scientists to turn one gallon of gasoline into two.  [1951]
The Bazaloff Paper

Sabotage  (Dr. Benjamin Andrews)
Mr. Moto searches for a saboteur.  [1951]
Living 1951


What Do They Think of Us
A program promoted as surveying the satellite countries of Eastern Europe under Communist domination, but sounding like propaganda for Radio Free Europe.  [1951]
Not available
Now Hear This

Sponsored by Navy Recruiting
A destroyer is heading back to port after a five month cruise. The sailors are ready.  [1951]
Not available
Dimension X Marionettes Inc.   (B-2)
A man buys a "marionette" [robot] in his own image to take his place with his wife while he's out having fun. The robot, however, has a few ideas of his own.  [1951]
Marionettes Inc.

Universe  (The Captain)
A people living in a huge spaceship cannot imagine any other life.  [1951]
Outside link: Universe
John Steele, Adventurer One Way Street  (Scalia/Percival Paul Osgood)
A man, who thought he'd seen everything, is up a blind alley with a ghost from the past.  [1951]
Outside link: One Way Street
The Marshal of Morgan County  (Ralph Ford/Tom Elkins)
A man makes a bargain to swap freedom for justice.  [1951]
Outside link: Marshal  of Morgan Cnty
The Girl on 963  (Ben Dooley)
A man  leaves the farm and travels to the big city to marry a model in a mail order catalogue.  [1951]
Outside link to Girl on 963
The Honorable Ones
An ex-doctor, fleeing from the Chinese Communists, is forced to perform a delicate brain operation,  [1950]
Not available
Long Shot  (Eddie Brayer/Bopho)
An adventure at the race track where a man is trapped in the bitterness of the past.  [1950]
Long Shot
The Lonely One  (Mr. Parsons/Jodie Martin)
The story of a boy who found a key to a special room.  [1950]
Outside link: The Lonely One
The Circle Road  (Bartender/Al Corey)
A man, scarred by bitter memories, hears lonely footsteps in the leaves and follows the path of decision.  [1950]
Outside link: The Circle Road
Ascent  (Jerry Livingston)
A man faces the future on the cliffs of a towering mountain and earns the right  to leave the past where it belongs.  [1950]
Outside link - scroll to #8
The Mission  (Capt. Philip Arnold/Rashed Saied)
A man on a search meets a strange and beautiful woman, and the answer is in the shifting sands of the desert.  [1949]
Outside link: The Mission
Cargo Unknown  (Lou Cardone)
Two men are in an open boat, with a beautiful woman.  [1949]
Cargo Unknown
Salvage  (Harry Collins)
A man with a dream finds danger locked in the icy depths of the ocean.  [1949]
Outside link - scroll to #5
Play Ball  (Galatelli)
One man against an angry crowd, a foul ball and a fog.  [1949]
Outside link - scroll to #2

 David Harding Counterspy Murdered Confessor  (Jensen/Ben Purvin)
An important defector is assassinated the moment he steps foot in the United States.  [1950]
Outside link: Murdered Confessor
Insidious Impersonation  (Col. Manuel Kinto/Mr. Johnson)
A Phillipine statesman on his way to a secret conference is targeted for murder.  [1950]
Outside link: Insidious Impersonation 

Hijacked Country  (Pasco)
A large uranium shipment from a South American country is imperiled.  [1950]
Outside link: Hijacked Country
The Eternal Light

A Segment of My Times
The story of Al Smith's campaign for the presidency, despite anti-Catholic prejudice against him.  [1950]
Not available

The Story of Marina Baum  
(Narrator #2/Mr. Baum/Father Damien)   
Jimmy Olsen defends a fellow student who has suffered as a target of prejudice.  [1950]
Outside link: Superman-Marina Baum
Cloak and Dagger File 2218  (Karl)  File 2218

An American parachutes into occupied Austria on a spying mission, but makes a serious mistake.   [1950]
High Adventure East Side Beat  (Dom Marquetta/Papa Kowalski)
A policeman closes in on a criminal he has been trailing for 20 years - or perhaps it's vice versa.  [1950]
Outside link: East Side Beat
The Hill 
No description found.   [1950]
Not available
Deep Water  (Jose)
A diver struggles against an underwater assailant in a life or death battle.  [1950] 
Deep Water

The Insider
No description found.   [1950] 
Not available
Voice of the Army This Younger Generation  (Mr. O'Ryan)
A comedy-drama about teen-agers.  [1950]
Outside link: This Younger Generation

Miss Millie's Dilemma  (John Porter)
A comedy about a spinster's problems.  [1950]
Outside link: Miss Millie's Dilemma
Radio City Playhouse Twas the Night Before Christmas  (Tex Court)
Two reporters are sent on a search for an unusual gift (two goats) on Christmas Eve.  [1949]
Twas the Night Before Christmas

Mother  (Harry Wilson)
A psychological study of a sadly confused woman.  [1948]
Arthur Godfrey's Digest
[1948] Not available
Casey, Crime Photographer

A Serpent Goddess  (Pedro Vasca)
Men are apparently squeezed to death by a snake with a woman's face.  [1947]
Outside link:  A Serpent Goddess
The Ross Martin Show
[1947] Not available  (darn it!)
 Various: [1943-1948] Not available
     Ford Theatre
     The Big Story
     My Name is Claudie
     You're the Top
     Behind the Front Page
     Bobby Benson & the Bar-B-Bar Riders
     Backstage Wife
     The FBI in Peace and War
     Nick Carter, Master Detective
     Big Town [I and II]
     Our Gal Sunday
     Stella Dallas
     Janice Gray