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What can one say about a man who still touches the minds and hearts of so many people over this long span of years?  What qualities make his memory so long-lasting?  

Talent?  Undeniable.  Watch Ross immerse himself in a mind-boggling variety of personas - each a unique, complete and real character.  0bserve the endless subtle (and sometimes not!) nuances of every expression, those luminous eyes that convey a full story without a word, a voice that can go from a soft caress to ice hard in mid word, a slight shift in posture or a tilt of the head that's a master acting class on its own   Add to that musician, artist, poet, athlete and even woodworker!  

Intelligence?  Absolutely.  Fluent in seven languages, scholarship recipient, magna cum laude honors, degrees in business administration, education and law.  His agile mind and quick wit were well on display on the many game shows in which he avidly (and intensely) participated!  Reading any article written about Ross gives one the sense of a most thoughtful, perspicacious and warmhearted man.

Humanity?  That above all.  Ross (known as "one of the softest touches in Hollywood") unstintingly dedicated his time and talents to a vast array of charities, and was integral in founding the first charitable celebrity tennis tournaments.

And these are but a few of the traits that made up a remarkable man.  In developing this site, I've come to a deeper appreciation of Ross's impressive body of work; Ross entertained me then and he's delighting me still.  I've been lucky enough to meet and express my gratitude to many childhood favorites for the entertainment and enrichment they brought to my life.  Sadly, I never met Ross; he's "the one who got away".  So, with a great deal of admiration, respect and affection, this is my way of saying "thank you".




This site is a fan-based tribute and is strictly for non-commercial purposes.  Its objective is to consolidate as much information as possible (gathered from many sources) into one convenient site.  The accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed; corrections gratefully accepted.  Links to products are for information only; no affiliation or endorsement is implied.  Images may be copied for PERSONAL use only.  All copyrights remain with their appropriate holders.

Images from individual programs were captured, whenever attainable, from commercially-available DVDs and are meant as samples only - viewing the programs in their entirety is highly recommended (see "Links/Resources" for product info).  However, many shows are only available as on-line videos and the quality is as best as possible given the source.   Various other images were obtained through the generosity of fellow fans or by searching the internet; frequently, original image sources could not be identified.

Contributions of material (e.g., jpegs or hard copies of photos/clippings) and links to newly-found videos of Ross will be  gratefully accepted and posted with appropriate credit (if requested).  Our motto is "Ross is meant to be shared."  




To Joseph M - web mentor and friend extraordinaire; I couldn't have done this site without his assistance and expertise.
To Elaine - whose generosity in sharing her extensive collection sparked the idea for this site.  She's my "partner in crime"!
To Diane O - an unparalleled, brilliant researcher whose hard work and generosity is unmatched.
To "Tarlonniel" - who provided a treasure trove of information and links, as well as meticulous proofreading skills.
To Dotty - for sharing her boundless array of Wild Wild West screen caps which saved me months of painstaking effort.
To Kristin S - for her superb wildwildwest.org site which both enticed and aided me to delve further into Ross's other works.

To Al Avalon (a friend of Ross) for these lovely words of encouragement that mean a great deal to me: "Your Ross project looks good. Thanks--for him. He'd smile and say--'Do more--looks great'. He loved publicity."

This site is published with the knowledge and consent of Ross's sister.  Bless her.


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