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    Westinghouse Studio One  The Storm November 1948 as David Wilson.  A young bride is terrorized by her new husband.  Filmed in New York.
    Lights Out I Dreamed I Died November 1949 none available
    What Happens Now,
  Starring the Improvisers
#103 early 1950's as himself.  This show was comprised of various skits improvised at the written suggestion of the viewers.  
    Treasury Men in Action Episode 13 (title unknown) April 1950 as "Agent"
    Lights Out A Toast to Sergeant Farnsworth April 1950 Three survivors of an Okinawa platoon gather for a reunion. Their sergeant was accused of running from the enemy.
    Lights Out The Gloves of Gino May 1950 When a shy little man puts on gloves that belonged to a murderer, he turns into a smooth- talking operator with a desire to commit crimes.
    Treasury Men in Action The Case of Lupo the Wolf September 1950 as "Agent"
   Armstrong Circle Theater The Oldest Song September 1950 none available
    Treasury Men in Action The Case of the Uncovered Convict December 1950 as "Agent"
    Rocky King, Detective  Inside Detective January 1951 Live crime series set in New York City.
    Lights Out The Man with the Astrakhan Hat March 1951 A man confesses to police that he's killed a man simply by wishing it to happen.
    Somerset Maugham TV Theatre  Appearances and Reality September 1951 A philandering older senator pursues a sexy young mistress.  The reluctant lady teams up with the senator's elderly spinster sisters to get him to leave her alone.
    Treasury Men in Action The Case of the Violent Artist January 1952 as "Agent"
    Hallmark Hall of Fame The King's Author June 1952 as Ben Jonson.  Biodrama of English playwright set in the 17th Century.
    Police Story The Omaha Case July 1952 broadcast live from New York.
    Treasury Men in Action The Case of the Undercut Lace November 1952 as "Agent"
    Goodyear Playhouse The Cipher August 1953 A fight by a reporter to win freedom for a man wrongly imprisoned for espionage.
    Suspense The Riddle of Mayerling September 1953 Drama about Archduke Rudolph, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and his mysterious suicide at Mayerling in 1881.
    Johnny Jupiter Duckweather and the Professor
(images from episode)
October 1953 as Professor Dexter Spiegelmacher.  A famed lecturer on the unimportance of material goods doesn't practice what he preaches.
    Treasury Men in Action The Case of the Deadly Secret October 1953 as "Agent"
    Suspense Needle in a Haystack November 1953 An American officer travels behind North Korean lines to garner info which will allow U.S. troops to land at Wonsan.
    You Are There The Abdication of Napoleon
The Emergence of Jazz
November 1953
September 1954
as Napolean
as Robert Coffin

    The Web The Hunted January 1954 Live dramas based on stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America.
    Treasury Men in Action The Case of the Hush Money February 1954 as "Agent"
    The Big Story Arthur Petacque, Chicago Sun June 1954 Reporters' true newspaper stories.
    Concerning Miss Marlowe Daytime serial July 1954-55 as Bojalian.  The show centered around the adventures of a 40-year-old NY actress.
    Honestly Celeste Episode title unknown November 1954 A journalism professor becomes a reporter on a New York City paper.  Fun coincidence: there was a character named Marty Gordon (though NOT played by Ross).
    NBC Opera Theatre The Would Be Gentleman February 1955 as Dorante
    Philco-Goodyear TV Playhouse Letter of Recommendation May 1955 a/k/a The Governess
    Modern Romances The House Guests May 1955 none available
    American Inventory Survival of the Fittest December 1955 in-depth look at aspects of American and world culture.
    The Big Story Fred Wegner Jr., Copy Boy, South Bend (Ind) Tribune April 1956 Reporters' true newspaper stories.

    The Adventures of Marco Polo (made-for-television musical) April 1956 as the Baron.  A dramatization of the adventures of explorer Marco Polo, featuring songs loosely adapted from the work of Rimsky-Korsakov.  
    Modern Romances title unknown May 1956 none available
    Modern Romances Miss M.D July 1956 none available
    Robert Montgomey Presents Catch a Falling Star July 1956 as Roger Douglass
    Modern Romances The Transfusion September 1956 none available
    Sheriff of Cochise The Check Artist September 1956 Western-themed crime drama set in Arizona.
    The United States Steel Hour The Wetback Run October 1956 as Adolfo
    The Big Story Thurman Jones, Phoenix AZ Gazette November 1956 Reporters' true newspaper stories.
    Modern Romances No Vacancy December 1956 none available
    The Alcoa Hour A Double Life January 1957 As Tony.  An actor portraying Othello believes his wife is attracted to another man, and, like Othello, he feels compelled to commit murder.
    Camera Three: The Scope of Picasso Documentary July 1957 voiceover.   A focus on the artist's changing styles, charted through the comments of Picasso and people who knew him well.
    Modern Romances The Misguided Man July 1957 none available
    Studio One in Hollywood The Human Barrier July 1957 As Lt. Maxwell.  A test pilot suffers from shock, amnesia and guilt after the crash of a new jet.  
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    Studio One in Hollywood First Prize for Murder September 1957 role not specified.  An agent is on assignment at the Mystery Writers of America Awards.  He's searching for an elusive writer who is the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

    Whirlybirds The Midnight Show 1958 (date unknown) Stories of a helicopter company performing all types of jobs.  Produced in California.
    The United States Steel Hour The Charmer January 1958  A successful theatrical agent in her thirties  postpones her wedding and becomes involved with an ambitious young actor who's using her for his professional gain.
    Final Hope 
  (a/k/a The Court of Last Resort)
The Phillip Houston Case January 1958 as Phillip Houston.  A man is wrongly accused of murder.  

    Official Detective  The Combination March 1958 none available
    Suspicion The Hollow Man March 1958 The shows, often involving murder, were designed to confuse/mystify the audience and dealt with their fears and suspicions.


The Bottleman       
(images from episode)
March 1958 as Dan Clell.  The town drunk attacks the new Faro dealer.  The dealer swears he'll kill him if he tries that again, but also swears he never saw him before in his life.
    The Walter Winchell File Portrait of a Cop: File #27 April 1958 as Bucker
    Colonel Humphrey Flack The Big Wheels November 1958 as Jacques
    Gunsmoke The Land Deal   
(images from episode)
November 1958 as Danny Keppert.  A stranger leading immigrants planning on settling outside of Dodge wants Matt to give him a badge to avert trouble.
    Bat Masterson The Treasure of Worry Hill  
(images from episode)
December 1958 as Caulder Larson.  Three cousins inherit pieces of map describing the location of their uncle's buried treasure. Not trusting each other, they hire Bat to guide them to where the money is hidden.
    Ann Sothern Show The Big Gamble December 1958 as Augie.  Ann Sothern played the Asst. Manager of a hotel in New York City.
    M Squad Contraband
(images from episode)
December 1958 as Bert Corvin.  Smugglers may be using imported sports cars as a front.