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    Peter Gunn The Fuse
(images from episode)
January 1959 as Sal.  A gangster is blamed for the death of a union leader and hires Peter Gunn to prove his innocence.
    G.E. True Theater Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home January 1959 as Al
    Richard Diamond, Private Detective The Sport
(images from episode)
February 1959 as Tony Gino.  A detective is hired to find a missing playboy with a gambling habit.  

    Naked City Ten Cent Dreams
(images from episode)
March 1959 as Carlo.  A young immigrant hits a big score playing the numbers racket, but runs into complications after collecting his winnings.
    Sea Hunt The Dam
(images from episode)
March 1959 as Finch.  There is sabotage of a turbo-electric dam located in a desert area of a small country.
    Sea Hunt The Briefcase
(images from episode)
May 1959 as USCG Captain Stevens.   A diver has stolen a briefcase filled with top secret papers.
    Steve Canyon Room 313 May 1959 as Aly Brahma.  An East Indian potentate visits an air force base.  When a reporter assigned to the story disappears, the Air Force officers discover a plot to assassinate the visiting dignitary.  
    Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond Echo
(images from episode)
June 1959 as Paul Marlin.   A man is acquitted of the murder of his wife. To escape questioning reporters, he flees to the country and begins to have premonitions of his own murder.
    Richard Diamond, Private Detective Bookie
(images from episode)
October 1959 as Nate Muro.  A bookie decides to bump off Diamond's police contact for putting huge dents in his operation.
    Mr. Lucky 34 episodes
(images from episodes)
1959-1960 as Andamo.  Two partners run a floating casino (later a restaurant).

    The Twilight Zone The Four of Us are Dying
(images from episode)
January 1960 as Johnny Foster.  A man is able to change his face and assume other identities.
    Comedy Spot The Sky's The Limit August 1960 escapades of three men as trainees at Naval air base in Pensacola, Florida
    Laramie A Sound of Bells
(images from episode)
December 1960 as Angel Estrada.   The Sioux are on the warpath and a disparate group of refugees have taken shelter at a relay station.
    Texas John Slaughter A Holster Full of Law
(images from episode)
February 1961 as Cesario Lucero  (deputy to the title character).  A new sheriff must contend with a gang of rustlers lead by a possible murderer,  

    Michael Shayne Murder is a Fine Art
(images from episode)
March 1961 as Adam Quick.   When an art dealer is found dead with Adam lying over the body unconscious, the police arrest the painter for murder.  
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    Zorro Auld Acquaintance
(images from episode)
April 1961 as Marcos Estrada.   A pair of thieves plan to rob an army pay wagon carrying 5000 pesos.
    The Law and Mr Jones The Enemy April 1961 as Frank Brody.  Jones wins freedom for  an accused killer on the plea that he needed psychiatric care. The day after he's released, another murder is committed.
    87th Precinct Occupation Citizen
(images from episodes)
October 1961 as Joe Czepreghi.   A locksmith realizes two thugs used a key he made to enter their victim's home.  He must cooperate with the police, but the killers are still free and their whereabouts are unknown.
    Dr Kildare Second Chance
(images from episodes)
December 1961 as Mitchell.  A promising surgeon suffers an incurable creeping paralysis.
    Stump the Stars Game show - 38 episodes
(images from episodes)
1962-1964 as himself.  A pantomime guessing game with a revolving roster of celebrities.  Ross was frequently "anchor man" for his team.
    The Dick Powell Theatre Everybody Loves Sweeney
(images from episodes)
January 1963 as Vince Baker.  Comedian Sweeney Tomlin knows he's second-rate; his wife disagrees.  A TV critic doesn't share her confidence, so she insists he be sued for his disparaging remarks.
    The Twilight Zone Death Ship
(images from episode)
February 1963 As Lt. Ted Mason.  An interplanetary expedition from earth finds an exact duplicate of their ship and themselves crashed on the planet they were surveying. 
    Dr Kildare To Each His Own Prison
(images from episodes)
May 1963 as Oscar Clayton.  A man confesses to a crime then recants on the grounds he was suffering from delirium tremens.
    Bonanza Little Man, Ten Feet Tall
(images from episode)
May 1963 as Nick Biancci.  An Italian immigrant, escaping the violence of vendatta, finds trouble when his gifted son wishes to forego his music for ranch life on the Ponderosa.
    Wagon Train The Sam Pulaski Story
(images from episode)
November 1963 as Sam Pulaski.  When New York street thug Sam Pulaski and his sister join the wagon train, he is recognized as the leader of a gang. 
    The Danny Thomas Show
  (a/k/a Make Room for Daddy)
The Two Musketeers
(images from episode)
December 1963 as Bertie (Copa Club musician).  A musician is in debt to a gambler.
    Vacation Playhouse I and Claudie
(images from epilogue)
July 1964 as Claudie Hughes.  A pair of traveling buddies have a difficult time towing their trailer down the road without an auto until they are befriended by a pair of pretty blonde sisters.
    The Man from Button Willow Animated movie April 1965 voice of Andy Svenson.  An undercover operative for the U.S. is sent to San Francisco to find a missing Senator.
    The Wild Wild West 95 episodes
(images from Season One)
    (images from Season Two)
    (images from Season Three)
    (images from Season Four)
    (images from Wild Wild West Revisited)
    (images from More Wild Wild West)
1965-1969 as Artemus Gordon - and a cast of hundreds!


  And as if Ross didn't have enough to do while filming The Wild Wild West:  
    What's This Song Game show 1965 as himself.  Contestants must guess the title of a song played, with bonus points for singing the first two lines.
    Password All-Stars Game show  May 1965 as himself  (Ross vs. June Lockhart).  Word guessing game.
   The Mike Douglas Show Talk show December 1966 as himself
    Joey Bishop Show Talk show - 9 appearances 1967-1969 as himself
    Dean Martin Comedy Hour Variety show - 2 appearances November 1967
February 1970
as himself

    The Pat Boone Show Variety show - 2 appearances December 1967
January 1968
as himself

    You Don't Say Game Show December 1968 as himself.  Two teams had to guess the name of a famous person by giving clues of words that sounded like part of the person's name.
    The Hollywood Squares Game show - 19 appearances 1968-1975 as himself.  Contestants must guess if celebrity answers to questions are true or false.
    It's Your Bet Game show - 15 appearances
(daily show - for 3 weeks)
1969 (also 1972) as himself.  Two celebrity couples played for various points, betting on his/her spouse's ability to answer a question.
    The Carol Burnett Show Variety show - 2 appearances March 1969
November 1970
as himself

    Mitzi Gaynor's 2nd Special Variety show October 1969 as "Red Butter" in a skit spoofing "Gone with the Wind".