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   October 1959 


June 1960

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    Episode 1 - The Magnificent Bribe

Mr. Lucky and his associate Andamo are forced to abandon their casino in Andamo's island country when the corrupt "El Presidente" learns that their yacht, the Fortuna, has been used by a group of revolutionaries (which includes Andamo) to bring in arms.  Note: Nehemiah Persoff (El Presidente) made several future appearances with Ross on The Wild Wild West.

    Episode 2 - They Shall Not Pass

Lucky and Andamo, penniless, crash a party aboard an enormous yacht, and Lucky turns a stake into enough money to buy a floating casino, the Fortuna II.



    Episode 3 - Bugsy

A friend of Lucky's boards the Fortuna to hide from the mobster who is pursuing him.   Andamo must play a corpse and gets thrown overboard.

    Episode 4 - The Money Game

Lucky is on the lookout for counterfeit money when the police inform him that phony bills are being put into circulation from the Fortuna's port.  Andamo worries about a gambler's scientific "system".

    Episode 5 - That Stands for Pool

Lucky is challenged to a high stakes game of pool by a gambler who brings a pair of thugs with him to insure that he wins.  Andamo hedges the betting a little too much.

    Episode 6 - My Little Gray Home

An ex-convict who can't handle the outside world seeks Mr. Lucky's help in returning to prison, over Andamo's protests.

    Episode 7 -  The Gordon Caper

After an encounter with a high-roller at Lucky's casino, a woman claims that she will be able to pay off her gambling debt the next day.  Then Lucky and Andamo discover her dead body, a blackmail scheme and an old, unsolved murder.

    Episode 8 - Little Miss Wow

Lucky and Andamo encounter a spoiled heiress who has left her sheltered existence to seek out life - beatnik style, only to find things are not so "groovy" when she is kidnapped.  Note:  Yvonne Craig (who played Beverly Mills) later worked with Ross in The Wild Wild West.

    Episode 9 - A Business Measure

A mine is found attached to the Fortuna's anchor.  It's discovered that the "mine" is actually a repository for gems being smuggled into the U.S.  Lucky is caught between the gangsters' and Lt. Rovacs's demands, and Andamo scales a wall to come to the rescue.

    Episode 10 - Hijacked

Thieves seem particularly interested in stealing a check given to Mr. Lucky to pay off a large gambling debt.  Add an angry husband and a bomb to the mix.



    Episode 11 - Aces Back to Back

An old buddy sends Mr. Lucky a hideous painting for a birthday gift which the artist desperately wants back and which Andamo can't seem to get rid of.



    Note:  this series is available on DVD