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PRODUCTION APPROX. DATES NOTES    (Click on thumbnails to enlarge)
Elizabeth the Queen 1946-1948 summer stock
Winterset 1946-1948 summer stock
Our Town 1946-1948 as Simon Stimson.  (A supporting but pivotal role as an embittered drunk.)
Boy Meets Girl 1946-1948  as Robert Law
Room Service 1946-1948 as Leo Davis
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1946-1948 summer stock
Awake and Sing 1946-1948 as Ralphie
Emperor's New Clothes 1948 as Emperor
Brooklyn USA 1948-1949 as Nick Santo. Equity Library Theatre
Hazel Flagg  February 11- as Dr. Egelhofer.  Ross's Broadway debut.
     September 19, 1953      (bio from the souvenir program)
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The Happy Time 1953 summer stock - Mt. Kisco, NY
A Midsummer Night's Dream 1954 summer stock - Westhampton, NY
Joan of Lorraine 1955 summer stock - Nyack, NY
Guys and Dolls 1955 as Nathan Detroit.  National tour
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GuysDolls-TourPhoto.jpg (80426 bytes)  photo from Sea Cliff Summer Theatre, NY
Three Men on a Horse 1956 summer stock - Detroit, MI
Me and Juliet 1956 summer stock - Cohasset, NY
Shinbone Alley April 13- as "Broadway" 
        May 25, 1957       Theatre-shinbone1.jpg (111335 bytes)      Theatre-shinbone2.jpg (102961 bytes)
Quote from NY Journal American review:

 "Ross Martin is excellent as Broadway, the lightning bug."
     Personal comments from fellow cast member, George S. Irving:

So you want to know about Ross Martin?  Makes me feel like a scene from "Citizen Kane".  He and I worked together in a musical  called "Archie and Mehitabel" [note: later changed to Shinbone Alley}.  He was an extraordinary actor with a marvelous technique.  He could imitate the great British "Sirs"' Olivier, Richardson and Gieldgud - and the Queen for good measure!  Impeccably.  He was a very emotional man - would tell me his woes and sometimes burst into tears of frustration.  We both hated the show but did our best and paid the rent.  I was glad he became successful in California and perhaps found contentment at long last.  We lost touch at that point but I was glad of our brief friendship.


Hemmingway and All Those People 1958 summer stock - Indianapolis, IL
Mother Courage 1959 as Cook, Ancient Colonel. The Theatre Group - UCLA, CA
The Firebrand 1959 title role.  LA Stage Society, CA
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A Midsummer Night's Dream 1960 as Leander.  Catalina Arts Festival, CA
Becket 1962 as Thomas Becket.  Equity Group - Pasadena Playhouse, CA
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Los Angeles Times - Apr 17, 1962

All of us who want stimulating plays in our theater are indebted to the Pasadena Playhouse for presenting Jean Anouilh's "Becket" which rekindles an historic struggle between church and state as fought to a finish by England's King Henry II and Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. This production at season's end crowns the Playhouse's theatrical year. The Anouilh drama not only confronts large issues, it gives two young actors, Ray Danton and Ross Martin, a chance to confront large roles - the kind they would not ordinarily play in films or on television. You will, I think, find them exceeding expectations

Variety - Apr 17, 1962
Ross Martin is superb, a sterling actor showing sensitivity, perception and polish in every taxing area.
The Chinese Wall
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1962 lead.  Professional Theatre Group - Los Angeles, CA
The Windows of Heaven 1965 Producer, composer, conductor.
Gigi 1974 as Honore Lachaille.  Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, PA
The Good Doctor 1976 lead (multiple roles).  Chicago, IL
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1776 1976 as John Adams.  Melody Top, Milwaukee, WI
Materials directly below courtesy of:  memoriesofmelodytop.com
             Review - Milwaukee Journal       Review - Milwaukee Sentinel    Theatre-1776MelodyTop article.jpg (81549 bytes)    Theatre-1776MelodyTop clipping.jpg (114837 bytes)
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 Photos and comments directly below courtesy of:  Robb and Kathleen Alton (Didi Hitt)

1776 comment-Robb.jpg (89957 bytes)
Robb Alton
(Richard Henry Lee)
1776 comment-Kathleen.jpg (49662 bytes)
Kathleen Alton
(Martha Jefferson)
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"He Plays the Violin"
1776 1977 as John Adams.  Sacramento Music Circus, CA
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      1776 sacramento cast list.jpg (77171 bytes)    1776 sacramento flyer.jpg (44357 bytes)        article-LodiNews-June1977.jpg (135201 bytes)    1776 Sacramento thoughts.jpg (54150 bytes)   1776 sacramento bee article 1.jpg (155065 bytes)   1776 sacramento bee article 2.jpg (82059 bytes)
I Do, I Do 1977 as "he" (Michael).  Long Beach, CA
Promenade All 1977  lead (multiple roles).  Chicago, IL
  public relations blurb
Deathtrap 1981 as  Sidney Bruhl.  La Mirada, CA
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The majority of the above basic information was obtained through the courtesy of wildwildwest.org