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    The Immortal White Elephants Don't Grow on Trees
(images from episode)
October 1970 as Eddie Yeoman.  A salvage dealer offers a fugitive a place in his truck which, unknown to him, is carrying dangerous cargo.  
    Swing Out, Sweet Land Variety special November 1970 as Alexander Hamilton.  Thumbnail history of the United States, with a light touch.  
    Love American Style Love and the Nutsy Girl January 1971 as Larry Wilson.  A swinger falls in love with his photographer friend's model.  
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    The Sheriff TV movie
(images from movie)
1971 as Larry Walters.  A black sheriff and his white deputy investigate allegations that a wealthy white businessman raped a black college girl.
    Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law Make No Mistake October 1971 as Dr Emery Lewis.   A physician plays God and places  a patient's sanity at risk.  

    Columbo Suitable for Framing
(images from episode)
November 1971 as Dale Kingston.  An art critic kills his uncle for his valuable collection of paintings. Despite Columbo's suspicions, all the clues point to the dead man's ex-wife.
    Rod Serling's Night Gallery Camera Obscura
(images from episode)
December 1971 as Mr. Gingold.  A bank lender finds more than he bargains for when he threatens to repossess a client's collection.
    Password Game show June 1972
(also November)
as himself.  Word guessing game with two celebrities, each paired with a contestant. 
    The Merv Griffin Show Talk show July 1972 as himself.
    Sealab 2020 Animated series (13 episodes) Sept - Dec 1972 as Dr Paul Williams.  Adventure series focused on a group of 21st century Oceanauts in their experimental complex on the ocean floor.
    ABC Afternoon Specials The Last of the Curlews 
October 1972 as Stan.  The last male Eskimo curlew, his search for a mate, and problems they face as they make a treacherous migration to their nesting grounds.
    Rowan and Martin's Laugh In Comedy/variety show October 1972 as himself.
    Rowan and Martin's Laugh In Comedy/variety show November 1972 as himself.
    The Crooked Hearts TV movie
(images from movie)
November 1972 as Sgt Daniel Shane.  A con-artist stalks members of club of rich old women and vice versa.
    The FBI The Wizard
(images from episode)
November 1972 as George Barrows.  An uncanny genius plots intricate acts of  major larceny. 
    Rod Serling's Night Gallery The Other Way Out
(images from episode)
November 1972 as Bradley Meredith.  A businessman  is responsible for the unsolved murder of a dancer.  The victim's vindictive grandfather lures him to the family's remote old farmhouse.
    The Bold Ones: The New Doctors A Purge of Madness
(images from episode)
December 1972 as Harry Burke.  A psychiatrist is against a proposed operation on a patient given to uncontrollable fits of violence.
    Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Talk show February 1973 as himself.
    Hollywood's Talking Game show March 1973 as himself.  Clips of celebrities describing a word, place or object.  First contestant to guess the subject wins.
    The Return of Charlie Chan
  (a/k/a Happiness is a Warm Clue)
TV movie
(images from movie)
1973 as Charlie Chan.  A detective is called out of retirement to investigate a murder aboard a Greek tycoon's yacht.
    Butch Cassidy Animated series (13 episodes) 1973-1974 role not specified.  The adventures of a group of teenage spies posing as a rock-and-roll band.
    Dying Room Only TV movie
(images from movie)
September 1973 as Jim Cutler.  A woman and her husband stop at a seedy rural diner.  The husband disappears and the woman is menaced by the hostile locals.
    Tenafly Joyride to Nowhere October 1973 as Grady Hall.  A private detective poses as a cab driver to investigate a series of robberies.
    Ironside Mind for Murder
(images from episode)
November 1973 as Arthur Damien.  A psychic sees details of a fire.  He has been pursuing an arsonist, unable to convince the police that his visions are for real.
    McCloud The Solid Gold Swingers
(images from episode)
December 1973 as Jerry Davis/Frank Morris/Charles Hollenbeck. McCloud finds a dead body, which disappears.  The case leads to a madam of an escort service whose girls are being murdered by a serial killer.
    Skyway to Death TV movie
1974 as Martin Leonard.  Disparate passengers in an aerial tramway are trapped when the tramway breaks down 8500 feet in the air.  
    Barnaby Jones Friends Till Death
(images from episode)
February 1974 as Maxwell Imry.   Barnaby's client mysteriously falls to death after seeking his help.  Clues lead to a locker filled with heroin and a drug smuggling  operation.  
    Wait Till Your Father Gets Home Model Alice (animated series) September 1974 as Doctor.  A conservative father deals with his family's changing social attitudes.
    Don Adams' Screen Test Souls at Sea 1975 as himself.  Game show in which an amateur performer is paired with a celebrity to enact a scene.  The team with the best audience response was the winner.  
    Mitzi and a Hundred Guys Variety special March 1975 as himself.  Starring actress/dancer Mitzi Gaynor (a personal friend of Ross).
    Celebrity Tennis Game show April 1975 as himself.  (with Ed Ames and Christopher Connelly)
    The Invisible Man The Fine Art of Diplomacy
(images from episode)
September 1975 as Ambassador Diego  Devega.   Paintings are stolen from the US Capitol Building and the thieves are thought to be from a foreign embassy.
    Ellery Queen The Adventure of the Pharaoh's Curse
(images from episode)
December 1975 as Dr. Otis Tremaine.  A museum benefactor is found dead in the museum.  He appears to have died of a heart attack, but Ellery thinks he had help in dying. 
    Show Offs Game show December 1975 as himself.  Two celebrities act out words to be guessed by the third member of the team.
    Tattletales Game show 1975-1976 as himself (with Olavee, his wife).  Couples must guess the response to questions posed to their spouses.
    Rhyme and Reason Game show January 1976 as himself.  Two contestants vie against each other to get a panel of celebrities to guess the word they chose to complete a poem.
    Gemini Man Minotaur
(images from episode)
September 1976 as Carl Victor.  A scientist illegally uses funds to create a doomsday device. He is dismissed from his job but manages to commandeer the robot,  to use its  powers to blackmail the government.
    Sanford and Son California Crude
October 1976 as Aram.  Oil is discovered in Sanford's back yard and a sheik is eager to test the value of the find.  
    Stumpers Game show November 1976 as himself.  The object of the game was to solve a puzzle consisting of three clues to a person, place, or thing.
    Yesterday's Child TV movie
1977 as John Talbot.  A couple's three-year-old daughter is kidnapped. Fourteen years later, a young woman claiming to be that girl shows up at the parents' house.
    The Skatebirds
  (The Robotic Stooges segment)
Animated series 1977-1978 voice of Agent Oh-oh-oh.  Featured four cartoons, one of which was The Three Stooges - bionic secret agents fighting the forces of evil in their own style, to the dismay of their long-suffering boss, Agent 000.
    Baretta Not on Our Block
(images from episode)
February 1977 as Carmine Falco.  Baretta tries to get the neighborhood to stop paying for protection after an elderly woman is run down by one of their collectors.
    Blansky's Beauties Nancy Goes Sheik
(images from episode)

March 1977 as Sheik Ben Ali.  Nancy charges to the rescue when a much married, millionaire sheik becomes romantically involved with one of her employees.  

    Charlie's Angels Unidentified Flying Angels
(images from episode)
November 1977 as Dr. Perine.  UFOs, mysterious disappearances and the murder of a wealthy old lady put the Angels on the trail of a killer.
    The New Adventures of Wonder Woman IRAC is Missing
(images from episode)
February 1978 as Bernard Havitol.  Wonder Woman takes on a scientist who is looking to acquire the memories of the best computers in the world.
    Wild and Wooly TV movie
(images from movie)
1978 as Otis Bergen.  Four turn-of-the-century women break out of prison to foil an assassination plot on Teddy Roosevelt.
    Quark All the Emperor's Quasi-Norms
(Parts I and II)

(images from episode)
March 1978 as Zorgon the Malevolent.  The crew of a space garbage scow is captured by a space pirate who thinks they know the whereabouts of a legenday weapon.
    The All New Popeye Hour Animated series 1978-1981 role and episodes not specified.  The misadventures of a spinach-loving sailor.
    The American Girls The Cancelled Czech September 1978 as Ivar Kuzak.  Girl reporters are in search of an exclusive story on a Czech magician who has recently defected and is receiving death threats.  
    Jana of the Jungle Animated series (13 episodes) 1978 as "additional voice"
    Vegas Mother Mishkin
(images from episode)
October 1978 as Werner Worthmeyer.  A shady real estate developer puts pressure on an elderly but feisty lady, so she hires Dan to protect her.
    Everyday Talk show October 1978 as himself.  Appeared with Robert Conrad to promote upcoming Wild Wild West reunion movie.  
    Flying High South by Southwest December 1978 as Roberts.  Stewardesses are mistakenly in possession of a much sought after briefcase.  
    Hawaii Five-O Number One with a Bullet
(Parts I and II)
(images from episode)
December 1978 as Tony Alika.  A new boss takes over the Kumu (Hawaiian version of the Mafia) and begins to muscle in on a lucrative music business.
    The Wonderful World of Disney:
Donovan's Kid
TV movie (Parts I and II)
(images from movie)
January 1979 as Mayor Stokes.  Two con men rescue a family in distress in circa-1900s San Franciso.
    Hawaii Five-O Stringer
(images from episode)
February 1979 as Tony Alika.  When Tony Alika's guns shoot out a tire on a police car resulting in a fatality, the crime is captured by a photographer, who tries to blackmail Alika.
    The Wild Wild West Revisited TV movie
(images from movie)
May 1979 as Artemus Gordon.  Agents Gordon and West come out of retirement to tackle the son of their old arch-enemy, Miguelito Loveless.  
    All Star Secrets Game show May 1979 as himself.  Three contestants were told  "secrets" about a panel of five stars.  The contestants had to match the secret to the celebrity.
    The Return of the Mod Squad TV movie
(images from movie)
May 1979 as Buck Prescott.  Three undercover detectives who once worked together team up again after several attempts are made on the life of their former commander.
    Greatest Heroes of the Bible Abraham's Sacrifice May 1979 as Zingar.  Tale of Abraham, his son, Isaac, and a scheming slave who wishes for his freedom and is willing to do anything to get it.  
    Hawaii Five-O A Lion in the Streets
(images from episode)
 October 1979 as Tony Alika.  The Hawaiian kumu mob attempts to take over a resort-workers union, to the fury of native Hawaiians who retaliate in lawless fashion.
    Hawaii Five-O Good Help is Hard to Find
(images from episode)
 November 1979 as Tony Alika.  Kumu mobster Tony Alika tries to divert Five-O's attention from his smuggling efforts by sending phony tips to Five-O which make them look "like Keystone Kops".
    Fantasy Island Winemaker
(images from episode)
December 1979 as Armand Fernandrl.  A henpecked winemaker will stoop at nothing to win a wine contest - including playing a switch on a nun.  
    Gulliver's Travels TV Movie (animated) 1979 as Lemuel Gulliver (voice).  Classic tale of a traveler's strange encounters.
    The Seekers TV movie
(images from movie)
1979 as Supply Pleasant.  Continuing the Kent Family saga (history of America seen through one family).    
    The Love Boat We Three
(images from episode)  
January 1980 as Tom Thornton.   A man runs into the daughter he gave up for adoption.
    Celebrity Whew Game show February 1980 as himself.  Contestants were given incorrect statements and must correct them within a time limit.
    More Wild Wild West TV movie
(images from movie)
October 1980 as Artemus Gordon.  Secret Service Agents Gordon and West are again called back to service to thwart the bizarre plans of a mad scientist.
    Fantasy Island Instant Millionaire
(images from episode)
October 1980 as Ace Scanlon.  Tattoo makes a man a millionaire for the weekend, only to put the man's life in danger.
    Card Sharks Game show October 1980 as himself.  Two contestants compete for control of a row of playing cards by answering questions and then guessing if the next card is higher or lower than the previous one.   
    Mork and Mindy Mork and the Bum Rap
(images from episode)
January 1981 as Godfrey.  Mork gets a lesson in panhandling from a wily bum.
    I Married Wyatt Earp TV movie
January 1983 
as Jacob Spiegler.  A young opera singer becomes the wife of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp.  (Aired after Ross's death.)