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  Number One with a Bullet (Parts I and II) - 
Season 11, Episodes 12 & 13 (December 28, 1978 & January 4, 1979)

    Trivia: Yet another show in which Ross was reunited with the ubiquitous Nehemiah Persoff (who played Allie Francis)!  
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  Stringer - Season 11, Episodes 17 (February 22, 1979)  
    Trivia: Ross would soon work again with Paul Williams (who played Tim Powers/Stringer) on The Wild Wild West Revisited.
Ross actually recommended Mr. Williams for the role of Miguelito Loveless, Jr.


  A Lion in the Streets - Season 12, Episode 1 (October 4, 1979)  
    Trivia: Barbara Luna (who played Elena Kamoku) had worked with Ross in an episode of The Wild Wild West.  






  Good Help Is Hard to Find - Season 12, Episodes 5 (November 1, 1979)  
    Trivia: Jason Evers (who played Lt. Dexter) previously worked with Ross in two episodes of The Wild Wild West.  




    Note:  this series is available on DVD